6月27日(土):レインボーコンサート Rainbow Concert tomorrow (June 27)

group photo

Tomorrow, Saturday the 27th, the Rikkyo University All Saints Chapel choir will give its annual Rainbow Concert.  The performance begins at 3:00 pm and is free and open to the public.  The group recently performed with me at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space Theater (above photo), and is read for prime time!  Graduates of the choir will join the students for the second half of the program, which will feature works from Renaissance and 20th century England.  The program is below.

明日、6月27日(土)、立教学院諸聖徒礼拝堂聖歌隊がレインボーコンサートを行います。15時開演、入場は無料です。会場:立教大学池袋キャンパスのチャペルです。先日、東京芸術劇場で私と共演しましたので(上の写真)、演奏レベルはよい!と感じています。そして、コンサートの後半は聖歌隊のOB/OGメンバーと一緒に歌います。ルネサンスと現代イギリス音楽で盛り上がると思いますので、是非お越し下さい。プログラムは以下の通りです。post concert comments


  • Palestrina: Exsultate Deo
  • Harris: Most glorious Lord of life
  • Noble: Magnificat and Nunc dimittis in B Minor
  • Howells: O pray for the peace of Jerusalem
  • 深い川のように(教会福音賛美歌第444番)
  • 長崎の空は(日本聖公会「聖歌集」第422番)
  • 沖縄の磯に(日本聖公会「聖歌集」第423)
  • Dyson: Magnificat in C Minor
  • Shaw: Chue hyongsang taraso
  • Bain: 神のみ住まい
  • -intermission-
  • Byrd: Mass for four voices: Kyrie, Gloria
  • Vaughan Williams: Let all the world in every corner sing, Mass in G Minor: Agnus dei
  • Howells: Collegium Regale: Jubilate, Magnificat
  • Walton: Jubilate deo


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Upcoming organ/choral concerts オルガン・合唱コンサート情報

June 18, 7:30 pm at Tokyo’s Metropolitan Art Space

untitled (1 of 2)This is the grand Garnier organ at Tokyo’s Metropolitan Art Space.  The comparatively tiny person playing this fine instrument is your truly.  I will be performing at the concert hall next Thursday, June 18, at 7:30 pm.  Joining me for a part of the concert will be the Rikkyo University All Saints Chapel Choir.  It is an all-English program, so consists of music not often heard in concert halls (at least in Japan).  Admission is ¥1,000.  The concert flyer can be seen below (scroll down), and includes the program.  Here are a few photos of a recent rehearsal at the hall.


the long walk to the console

the long walk to the console

the console area

the console area

organist's view of the hall

organist’s view of the hall

Rikkyo choir rehearsing

Rikkyo choir rehearsing

Geigeki 6-18

If you can’t make the 6/18 concert, I will also be performing in the chapel at Tokyo Christian University the following Monday (June 22).  The organ there is also made by Garnier.  The concert will be a lunchtime recital, and is open to the public.  Stop by if you are in Chiba that day.



Rikkyo University’s Institute of Church Music (RICM) recently sponsored a lecture concert on English Choral Music.  Lecturer and conductor Prof. Hiroshi Oshima led the Singakademie Tokyo in a truly excellent performance of works from the English tradition.  The main work was Howell’s haunting Requiem, which the chorus sang with confidence and style.  If you missed this event, you can hear the Singakademie perform it again on June 14 at 2:30 pm in Tokyo’s Ishibashi Memorial Hall.  This group is well worth the ticket price, and the repertoire to be performed is all top level (Howells, Stanford, MacMillan, Purcell, etc).   Here is the concert flyer (sorry, Japanese only):



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Singing and pedaling – 演奏すること、走ること

ORGANIC matters オルガン関係

Yes, I played a 30-minute organ recital in the Rikkyo University Ikebukuro campus chapel last Wednesday.  The 160 kind folks who attended know how things went, but for those who couldn’t be there, I can strongly state that my playing was “good enough for government work (a most useful phrase my father taught me as a child).  I might also make temporary use of a Japanese phrase – “It was (mostly) safely concluded.  (おもに、ほとんど)無事に終わりました。Now we move on to brighter and better things.  Such as cycling, and singing, singing and cycling.


SINGING matters 聖歌隊関係

New members of the Rikkyo University chapel choir made their public debut at the Friday and Sunday services this past week.  A fine group of 29 men and women has joined the Mixed and Treble choirs.  Here the new members are introduced to the chapel congregation after the Pentecost service last Sunday.


untitled (22 of 53)

Chaplain Kim and I pose outside the chapel with the new members (below) 礼拝後、チャペル周辺の新入生(とチャプレン金、ショウ)

untitled (41 of 53)

I have high hopes for the choir this year.  It will sing concerts in Japan before heading to England in February for a concert/study tour. 今年もとてもよい聖歌隊を作り上げることが出来るに違いありません。数多くの礼拝、コンサート、そして、来年2月のイギリス・ツアーを通して新しいサウンドが生まれます。頑張って下さい、新入生!

RIDING matters サイクリング関係

The weather continues to brilliant for cycling.  The rainy season isn’t here yet, so every day dawns like the last – bright and crisp, with hot afternoons.  Who could resist dashing out for rides between, before, and after work?  Not I!  Here are a couple of recent ride photos.

今年、関東地方は梅雨を飛ばし、直接夏に入ったようです。雨はいずれ降るでしょうが、最近は毎日の青空を楽しんでいます。サイクリング中に見た風景は以下の通りです。untitled (1 of 1)

2015-05-18 ride (37 of 102)-1

The above and below photos were taken along the Arakawa cycling road in Tokyo and Saitama.  If you can’t find me on campus, look along the river path – I’ll be there, pedaling along. 上下の写真は荒川サイクリングロードで撮ったものです。

2015-05-11 ride (14 of 55) 2015-05-11 ride (28 of 55)





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A gentle reminder – 優しいリマインド

Tomorrow (Wednesday, May 20) I’m giving the noontime chapel organ recital at Rikkyo University’s Ikebukuro campus.  Do come by if you are in the area.  I chose music to to match the wonderful sounds of the Tickell organ, so the repertoire is all English.  Here is the program. The recital begins at 12:30 and lasts for 30 minutes.  Admission is free.



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Anything but organ music 〜 オルガン音楽以外のトピック?

(日本語は今晩追加します)Today would be a good time to blog about anything other than organ music.  A typhoon is bearing down on Tokyo (in May!!), so I sit at home in my music room, which is dominated by my practice organ.  With recitals looming in the near future (see the previous post), I hear the siren scream of the organ day in an day out – “practice.. come play me… you’ll never be ready if you don’t practice 14 hours a day…”  Today, for at least 30 minutes, we are going to ignore anything and everything about organs and organ music.

The other day I was over in Shinjuku to buy and sell camera lenses. After finishing my business at Map Camera (highly recommended, by the way, for those who like to sell old camera stuff for good prices), I wandered around seeing what there was to see.  My find for the day was Narukoten Shrine (成子天神社).  It appears to have been completed (rebuilt?) and is beautifully arrayed in a manmade canyon of high rise buildings.

2015-05-02 Narukoten Jinja Shinjuku (1 of 6) At the back of the shrine is a mini Mt Fuji, which, in earlier days, people who couldn’t make a pilgrimage to the mountain itself, climbed for similar spiritual benefit.  The contrast between gleaming towers and the artificial mountain is really worth seeing.  I climbed it, as did a family who appear in my photos of the monument.

2015-05-02 Narukoten Jinja Shinjuku (6 of 6) 2015-05-02 Narukoten Jinja Shinjuku (4 of 6)I had other photo chances during the golden week holidays.  One was a very pleasant all-day walking photo shoot with T. H. Kondo.  We did two major Japanese gardens in the city – Koishikawa and Rikugien.  Both are highly recommended for photographers.2015-04-27 Koishikawa Teien (8 of 9)

Other brief outings with “the wife” produced interesting shots.

1. Here we found our dream house, or rather, dream living room.  It is in Seien Bunko in Asukayama Park; a museum that was formerly the library of Eiichi Shibusawa.

2015-04-28 Asukayama Park (18 of 18)This park also houses other museums, and what appears to be the world’s shortest monorail (it carries people from the park down to Oji Station).

2. Black and white photo ops.  A quick jaunt over to the Otsuka Station area for coffee with “the wife” (she appears in photo four below) turned up some fine contrasty scenes to use my new 60mm lens on.

2015-05-05 walk Otsuka (58 of 59) 2015-05-05 walk Otsuka (51 of 59) 2015-05-05 walk Otsuka (47 of 59) 2015-04-28 Asukayama Park (1 of 18)-2

3. Finally, it wouldn’t be a spring blog post without mentioning cycling.  Well, I’ve done far less than in normal years, but I did get out Monday for a 50 km ride on the Arakawa cycling path in Saitama Prefecture.  I was rewarded with views of the newly-planted rice paddies.

2015-05-11 ride (29 of 55) 2015-05-11 ride (21 of 55) 2015-05-11 ride (17 of 55) 2015-05-11 ride (14 of 55)

I’d like to continue writing, but wail of the organ “come practice, come practice” has overwhelmed me.  If you need me I’ll be sitting in front of the monster trying to concentrate.  In closing, I leave you with a gratuitous cute cat photo (my 16-year-old Snow).

2015-04-27 walk (40 of 42)

PS: more photos can be seen by clicking on the FLICKR ALBUM link above right.




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