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67th Annual Requiem Concert Saturday – 第67回レクイエム奉唱会

Tomorrow is the annual Requiem Concert at Rikkyo University’s All Saints Chapel.  This year the student choirs combine to perform Faure’s lovely setting of the Requiem mass.  The chorus will comprise 70 students (with a few recent grads), accompanied by … Continue reading

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And the fun resumes – 秋学期始まったよ!

(日本語は後日追加します。多分) The fall semester started up a few weeks ago  at Rikkyo University.  It was time to put away the shorts and sandals, and step back into my professorial attire, so to speak.  Ready or not, the fall season is … Continue reading

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Already September? もう9月?

  It is September.  It is also raining and cold (by Tokyo standards).  Not only this, but work has resumed. I shouldn’t be complaining, however.  August was a wonderful month, the first half spent with visiting family (see August 16 … Continue reading

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Izu! 伊豆!

Returning from a trip is never as fun as the start of the journey.  The possibilty of a new adventure is past, the body is tired, the train ride home takes longer than the ride out, and the car one … Continue reading

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This Summer! この夏!

Today marks the 16th consecutive day of rain in Tokyo.  Yesterday’s TV news told us that this is the first time in 40 years that we have been so blessed.  It is better than a water shortage, I guess.  But … Continue reading

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