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A walk on the dark side

Being the owner of a blog can be exasperating.  You know you should post regularly, avoid all forms of negativity, and provide the reader with useful and/or entertaining content.  But life doesn’t always run along such sunny tracks, does it? … Continue reading

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Arrival of the choir 〜 聖歌隊が到着しました

I’m afraid my days as a cycling tourist are done for the time being. Yesterday 40-some enthusiastic singers arrived in Iwai for a week of intensive rehearsals. Since my job isn’t really cycling, but rather, leading this choir, I’m back … Continue reading

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Day 3, or Wind & Wetsuits 〜 風とサーフィング

Day three of my “Big Fun” is already over. One day to go to the goal, and a weeklong pause in order to run the annual spring choir camp. While pedaling along today I started to figure out how long … Continue reading

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The road to choir camp is a long one 〜 合宿への道が長い

I’m on the road again, this time for business. Well, I must admit that I am mixing pleasure with work. The annual spring choir camp begins next Tuesday, and I left home today (Friday) in order to spend four days … Continue reading

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Music and cycling, cycling and music 〜 音楽とサイクリング、サイクリングと音楽

Well, there really isn’t much other in life than music and cycling, is there?  I suppose a bit of worry about the crazy man in Washington DC does creep in now and then.  But I try to stay focused on … Continue reading

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