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Curse of Choir Camp, or Soggy Riding once again 〜 合宿の呪か?

Kamogawa to Iwai, 82 km, 8 hours. 鴨川から岩井、82キロ、8時間 I’m beginning to wonder if riding to choir camp isn’t an activity banned by the gods. This is the third time I’ve done it, and the third time I’ve ridden in day-long … Continue reading

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Day 2, or Riding & Religion 〜 二日目、宗教とサイクリング

Day two of “big fun ride” is safely completed. I’m staying in an area called Shirako, some 70 km from last night’s hotel. As expected, today’s ride was not particularly exciting. After the first hour of hill climbs, the route … Continue reading

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The road to choir camp is a long one 〜 合宿への道が長い

I’m on the road again, this time for business. Well, I must admit that I am mixing pleasure with work. The annual spring choir camp begins next Tuesday, and I left home today (Friday) in order to spend four days … Continue reading

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To Atami and back 〜 自転車で熱海へ

My Big Spring Fun No 1 is finished.  It all went well, and served as a trial run for Big Spring Fun No 2, which begins on Friday of this week.  As I mentioned in my last post, this Fun … Continue reading

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I have a plan 〜 プランがありますよ

I am often asked a certain question at this time of year.  It goes “how are you spending all of your free time?”  My neighbors ask me “are you off today, too?”  Even former students ask what I do with myself … Continue reading

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