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To Atami and back 〜 自転車で熱海へ

My Big Spring Fun No 1 is finished.  It all went well, and served as a trial run for Big Spring Fun No 2, which begins on Friday of this week.  As I mentioned in my last post, this Fun … Continue reading

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I have a plan 〜 プランがありますよ

I am often asked a certain question at this time of year.  It goes “how are you spending all of your free time?”  My neighbors ask me “are you off today, too?”  Even former students ask what I do with myself … Continue reading

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Music and cycling, cycling and music 〜 音楽とサイクリング、サイクリングと音楽

Well, there really isn’t much other in life than music and cycling, is there?  I suppose a bit of worry about the crazy man in Washington DC does creep in now and then.  But I try to stay focused on … Continue reading

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50 days later… 50日ぶりに

It has been exactly 50 days since I last rode a bike. This seemed like a good point to resume cycling, so this morning I hopped out of bed a 5 am and did a bit of pre-dawn riding. I … Continue reading

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Happy rainy Monday 〜 雨の日

It’s a dreary, rainy Monday morning in Tokyo.  Normally, this would annoy me endlessly, as Monday’s are my one free day in the week.  On top of that, today is my birthday (yes, I am 39 again), so normally I … Continue reading

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