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Am I boring you? Try “The View” in B&W. 〜 ブログがつまらなくなったか?白黒は?

“The View” is no longer a young blog.  It was started eleven years ago in a fit of enthusiasm for what was then a fairly new form of communication.  Somehow, and with many gaps, your sometimes faithful editor has managed … Continue reading

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Happy New Year! 明けましておめでとうございます!

Greetings and apologies to readers for the scarcity of posts lately.  No excuses will be made today – it’s the time for resolutions to the effect of writing more often.  Stay tuned to see whether or not I manage to … Continue reading

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50 days later… 50日ぶりに

It has been exactly 50 days since I last rode a bike. This seemed like a good point to resume cycling, so this morning I hopped out of bed a 5 am and did a bit of pre-dawn riding. I … Continue reading

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Sakiyama Yuko performs at Tokyo Cathedral 12/9 – 﨑山裕子氏@東京カテドラル:12月9日(金)

As I wrote recently on this blog, Rikkyo University organist Yuko Sakiyama is performing on the Tokyo Cathedral Organ Meditation series tomorrow evening (December 9) at 7:00 pm.  I went to the cathedral yesterday afternoon to hear her play.  Her’s … Continue reading

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Patience is the word of the day – 今日の言葉=忍耐力

Recovery.  Patience is required.  Yet patience is not my strongest attribute.  After resuming work, walking, stretching and light weight training, I’d say I’m 80% to my pre-pneumonia stamina.  No complaints on this front.  My hearing, on the other hand, improves, … Continue reading

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