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A photo walk 〜 撮影会

This being the graduation season in Japan, there is much to report.  However, we will leave all that for a day later this week. 卒入学のシーズンです。大学関係の報告したい事が多くありますが、後日までお待ち下さい。 There is also much in the world that one wishes to comment on.  My country, the … Continue reading

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Arrival of the choir 〜 聖歌隊が到着しました

I’m afraid my days as a cycling tourist are done for the time being. Yesterday 40-some enthusiastic singers arrived in Iwai for a week of intensive rehearsals. Since my job isn’t really cycling, but rather, leading this choir, I’m back … Continue reading

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Curse of Choir Camp, or Soggy Riding once again 〜 合宿の呪か?

Kamogawa to Iwai, 82 km, 8 hours. 鴨川から岩井、82キロ、8時間 I’m beginning to wonder if riding to choir camp isn’t an activity banned by the gods. This is the third time I’ve done it, and the third time I’ve ridden in day-long … Continue reading

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Day 3, or Wind & Wetsuits 〜 風とサーフィング

Day three of my “Big Fun” is already over. One day to go to the goal, and a weeklong pause in order to run the annual spring choir camp. While pedaling along today I started to figure out how long … Continue reading

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Day 2, or Riding & Religion 〜 二日目、宗教とサイクリング

Day two of “big fun ride” is safely completed. I’m staying in an area called Shirako, some 70 km from last night’s hotel. As expected, today’s ride was not particularly exciting. After the first hour of hill climbs, the route … Continue reading

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