One must admit…

With my return to Japan less than a week away, I have been indulging in more than a bit of fun, it must be admitted. Even semi-serious musicians enjoy a visit with family, a dash of tourism, and the occasional glass of beer. One doesn't wish to wish to bore the reader with truckloads of personal information, of course. Those readers who are disturbed by non-musical matters should probably leave this post unread. If you don't mind a wee bit o family news, however, scroll down for my post-Portland travel news.

1. Gig Harbor, again. Hill climbs were rewarded by wonderful views of Mt. Ranier.

2. I was finally joined by my wife after six weeks of bachelor life. She and I traveled to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, to visit family, most of whom I haven't seen for many years. While in town, we hiked (with my brother's family),

sampled the local beers,

and made friends with family pets.

3. Our next stop was Seattle, where we did more catching up with relatives and friends. We also visited old haunts. Here is the University of Washington Music Building, where we both studied as undergraduates.

Seattle brought out its best spring weather for us. As you can see, winter is really over here.

From Seattle we traveled by ferry to Victoria, British Columbia (Canada) with family. Home base is the Empress Hotel, which fronts on the inner harbor. Here is the sunset that greeted our first night here (taken through the hotel windows).

Night views of the hotel and nearby Parliament building.

A visit to the spacious Butchart Gardnens turned out to be a bonanza for photographers:

Our visit concluded with an obligatory group photo. (with my father and step-mother, as well as “the wife”).

Tomorrow we will all attend the Sunday service at Christ Church Cathedral (Anglican), which I will report on in a future post. Here is the cathedral and it's organ.




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