Back on the road – 出発アゲイン

untitled (1908 of 1629)Farewell USA, hello Japan! I arrived Thursday evening, after the usual ten-hour hell of economy class airline seating. O Delta Airlines, how we love to hate you!

Mini misery aside, it was great to be home, if only for a few days. Tomorrow I leave again, this time for a week of choir camp with the Rikkyo University All Saints Chapel Choir. No more quiet evenings spent with the wife and cats. From tomorrow I move into communal living mode, sharing everything but a bed with the thirty-nine members of the choir. From tomorrow The View will be reporting from the wilds of Chiba Prefecture. Do check back to see if I survive the culture shock.

A few of the 3000+ photos I took during my two month USA sojourn are available on my Flickr photo album. Click the FLICK PHOTOS link to the right of this page to view. More will follow, as well as updates from choir camp.


海外にいるあいだ写真を3000枚以上撮りました。そのうち数枚をウェブアルバムにアップロードしました。見たい方は右のFLICKR PHOTOSをクリックして下さい。後ほど合宿の写真も追加します。


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