Endless wind, a free afternoon – 止まらない風、自由時間@合宿

As you can see, the wind still howls here at Iwai, Chiba Prefecture. The roof continues to rattle, the sand continues to fly, and the ocean continues to have an angry look. I’m almost used to being blown about while walking.

Today was the third day of choir camp, which is when we take an afternoon off from work and have fun. Some take walks, some play games, some sleep, etc. Personally, I tend to go completely manic, trying to accomplish everything humanly possible in one afternoon. My itinerary for the day (after the morning rehearsal):


1. brave the storm for a long beach walk

2. stop at my favorite coffee shop in the village, “Luck,” for two cups of finely brewed java

3. wander around until finding a promising mountain trail – follow this trail, with no idea of where it goes, despite the fact that most of the way it climbs as steeply as the stairs in your grandmother’s attic

4. stumble upon a mountain shrine, complete with spooky cave (see photo below)

5. hit the beach for one more photo, this time of Mt Fuji towering over Tokyo Bay.

Clearly, choirmasters are well rewarded for their work. I wonder why people aren’t lining up for the job?


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