Trip to Atami, 4: dream homes ~ 熱海への旅その4:ドリーム・ハウス

Here it is – the long-awaited fourth and last installment in the Atami series. Today we inspect unjustly neglected properties in the Atami area. Just a bit of paint and nails, and Bob’s your uncle – a new summer home!

1. A nice mountain hut perfect for a summer retreat. Complete with roof garden (see photo 2)
Katase Shirota 片瀬白田 Katase Shirota 片瀬白田

2. Left photo: This is where your nails come in handy. I figure a couple of weekends would put this baby back on its feet. You might have to clear out the crushed car, though. Right photo: get out your weed whacker – this property needs some serious trimming.
Katase Shirota 片瀬白田 Katase Shirota 片瀬白田

3. Hold on to your hats! All readers of this blog get a free night’s stay at the Atami ROYAL HOTEL! Actually, all stays are free, as long as you can get past the boarded up entrance. (Don’t forget your bug spray).
Atami onsen 熱海温泉 Atami onsen 熱海温泉

This concludes my illustrated special on the sights of Atami. As a bonus, I include a photo of a rather older type of dream home. Yes, it’s Tokyo living as it was practiced 10,000 years ago. You can find this earthy dwelling in Itabashi ku’s Johoku Koen. First come, first serve!
Old house?

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