A short trip to Hakone 〜 箱根への短い旅

It was at a recent organ recital that a friend reminded that I haven't posted anything interesting for a month or so. (Thanks, SD) Well, I haven't really done anything of interest for a month or so, to be honest. Work is always interesting to me, of course, but the daily ins and outs of dealing with students, running a music program, preparing for classes, etc., are not really blog material. Be honest – do you want read about my method of choir training? I thought not. Thank you for your (devastating) honesty.

But back to the subject at hand – SD's comment spurred me to do “something interesting.” It isn't easy to find – this something interesting. Luckily, “the wife” and “the son” had birthdays coming up, so “the son” we three headed to the mountains for a short stay. Aha! Something to report, finally. Here are a few photos of the Hakone area.


Hakone Open Air Museum 箱根彫刻の森

Sunset at Lake Ashinoko and Mt Fuji 夕暮@芦ノ湖

Usually prohibited on The View, today we have a few personal photos. A Hakone special.

And finally, the Editor in Chief of “The View from Tokyo.” In his best serious mode, as usual.


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