Hello from the hospital 入院しました

November 8

After consuming a mountain of pills and enduring two weeks of fevers, coughs, headaches and other unpleasant symptoms, I went to the emergency room of a local hospital at midnight Sunday and was admitted. Turns out the “bad cold” doctors and I thought I had was actually Mycoplasma Pneumonia. I will be here for a week, they say. Normally a one-week stay in a hospital is to be avoided like the plague, but when you are the one with the plague (pneumonia), on the other hand, it is a huge relief. There is nothing to do but follow orders, relax, and recover.



The good news in today’s post is that earlier the same day I checked into the hospital, the Rikkyo Chapel Choir performed a full concert in Matsumoto City’s beautiful Harmony Hall on (Nov 6). It was a career high point to have the choir I work with daily to be invited to perform in a setting such as this. The hall chartered the bus, put all 38 students up in a city hotel, paid for meals, etc, as well as providing for all possible needs during our time at the hall itself. The Harmony Hall seats 700, and approximately 500 people paid to hear the students sing with hall organist Harada Yasuko. I was extremely pleased with the choir’s performance, as well as my ability not to cough while conducting! After the concert, my “the wife” and I took an express train back to the city, and then drove to the hospital where I am now. What a dramatic change of scenery!




Here are some photos of the concert taken by Mr Yamagishi of Harmony Hall.

Saturday Rehearsal

Sunday Concert

Post-concert happy time


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8 Responses to Hello from the hospital 入院しました

  1. ….to have a concert hall bus in students and feed them would be an idle fantasy in Germany….seems like there are funds for music in Japan!
    Hope you recover soon to rehearse for Christmas!
    all the best,

  2. scotto says:

    Few and far between! (We were paid, as well).
    Thanks for the get well wishes. I’m in a very nice hospital with good food, so all will be well soon.

  3. Cindy Lindeen-Martin says:

    I am so sorry to hear of your illness, but how wonderful that you could direct the choir for such a momentous occasion. Praying for health and healing!

  4. scotto says:

    Thanks very much, Cindy! Music before all else, eh? I couldn’t have done it a day later, but was very happy to have lasted through the performance. My lungs are starting to clear after three days in the clink, so I think I wasn’t too late to get treatment. Watch out for lurking colds this year!

  5. Michael Barnes says:

    Dear Scott~ Please get better soon! You have no choice in the matter, really, but, as Nike says, just do it! When a “cold” goes longer then two weeks, it’s probably not a cold, says “Dr.” Barnes. I know you’ve been seeking help for it, and that is very right, proper, in order, thus: . . . Presbyterian!
    Don’t let our election news get you down, or excite you in any way. For every sad person, there is probably at least one happy person, and time will tell whether you and Mari will need to take me in as a refugee! What a great honor for your choir, and I’m glad you made it sans cough. I enjoyed the pictures very much. Rest. Behave. Sleep!! I’ll be checking in.

  6. scotto says:

    Thanks very much for your kind comments, Michael. I get out tomorrow, though will have to take it easy for a bit. Do let us know if you decide to claim refugee status in Tokyo!

  7. Michael Barnes says:

    There are many protesters marching in Portland, and many of the businesses and cars have been damaged. Staying away from downtown for now . . . Another riot planned for tonight they say.
    Glad you must be doing better to get out tomorrow. REST!! Sending healing thoughts for lungs and mind! MEB

  8. scotto says:

    Hi, Michael. I’m frankly surprised by the vehemence (though I well understand it!) of the protests in Portland. It seemed like such a laid-back city when I visited. I surely feel the anger of everyone over the election of Trump, though. Viewed from over here, it all seems like total madness. Elect a circus clown to the highest office in the country?

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