50 days later… 50日ぶりに

It has been exactly 50 days since I last rode a bike. This seemed like a good point to resume cycling, so this morning I hopped out of bed a 5 am and did a bit of pre-dawn riding. I seem to have lost quite a bit of strength, but still enjoyed being out in the fresh air with my Brompton bike. I'm sure the muscles will regain their pre-pneumonia condition quickly. Here are a few photos from this morning's 30 km Arakawa river ride.


I also had a longish walk on my day off. Skies were an intense blue that begged to be photographed. I didn't have a camera, but luckily, I've recently bought an iPhone 7 plus, which does an admirable job, considering it's a phone camera. The cycling photos above were also taken with this camera.

ところで、このページにある写真は全部 iPhone 7 Plus で写しました。携帯のカメラとして、かなりよいものだと思います。カメラを持っていない時も写真撮影を楽しむ事は可能となりました。


Finally, fruit of the season. Gifts from friends – thank you Ms H.Y. And Mrs S.E. 最後に季節の果物。頂いたみかんとりんごです。ありがとうございました、Hさん、Sさん!


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