Hello from Kobe! 神戸からハロー!

神戸国際大学のチャペル Kobe International University Chapel

Hello from the lovely city of Kobe.  I’m here to play a recital on the Fisk organ in the chapel of Kobe International University this Saturday.  I spent four hours practicing on the organ today, and found it an absolute delight to play.  The chapel is resonant, and the organ plays to the space most effectively, with everything from a full-organ roar supported by a rumbling bass, to a bare whisper of a sound that seems to come from far beyond the walls of the chapel.  I was asked to play an all-English program, and (surprisingly), the repertoire works very well – everything from a Purcell Voluntary to a Howells Sarabande.  If you are in the area on Saturday, do come by at 1:00.  This is an organ well worth making an effort to hear.  Photos of the chapel and organ:


(By the way, I am blogging via my iPhone 7 Plus and a Bluetooth keyboard as an experiment.  It cetainly is easy to take the photos for the blog on the phone, edit them on the phone, and then to write and post with the phone.  It seems to be a good all-in-one solution for the traveler who likes to go light.)

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2 Responses to Hello from Kobe! 神戸からハロー!

  1. Michael E Barnes says:

    I wish I could be there! Good luck with your English recital!

  2. scotto says:

    Thanks! This Fisk is one of the most beautiful, easy to play organs I’ve performed on.

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