Choir CD Recording Finished 〜 CDのための録音が無事に終わりました

Yesterday, Feb 2, the two choirs of Rikkyo University’s All Saints Chapel completed the last recording session for the CD to be released this spring.  It was done under ideal conditions – the campus was quiet, the weather bright, and both choirs were in good form. Once again the chapel was transformed into a recording studio by Mr. Kuzumaki (recording engineer) and his assistant Mr. Shirata.  Our university organist accompanied the choirs, as usual.  Ms Sakiyama recorded several organ works the day before (Feb 1), and these will be included in the CD.  I hope to be able to begin selling the finished product by mid-May.  Stay tuned for details.  Here are some photos of the day.



waiting to start recording (Shibata-san {left}, Kuzumaki-san {right})

chancel as studio

expensive-looking microphones

Women’s Choir

Mixed Choir


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