Am I boring you? Try “The View” in B&W. 〜 ブログがつまらなくなったか?白黒は?

“The View” is no longer a young blog.  It was started eleven years ago in a fit of enthusiasm for what was then a fairly new form of communication.  Somehow, and with many gaps, your sometimes faithful editor has managed to continue for over a decade.  But one begins to wonder, hasn’t it all gotten a bit dull for the reader?  Does it consist of nothing more than a yearly cycle of concert announcements, accounts of bike rides, and too many photos?


“Successful” blogs, the writers tell us, should focus on a single topic.  They should provide the reader with useful information.  Perhaps a bit of soul-baring and juicy private information.  Rants on topics political and religious might not be amiss.  What does the reader think?   Is it time for a course correction?


Your editor, of course, is over 39, and therefore, part of a generation where privacy was a valued commodity.  One simply didn’t do a daily tell-all a la Facebook.  Those wishing to publicize their private lives either had to become famous and let the press do it for them, or bother their closest friends with daily phone calls.  I would love to tell you my innermost thoughts and feelings on a daily basis.  Can’t you imagine a post titled “soulful confessions of a suffering of a middle-aged choirmaster?” Imagine the tremendous social upheaval it would cause!  Seriously, though, I think it is be too late for me to try and titillate the reader with exciting personal info.  I’d have to make it up, in any case.  So, the conclusion is that “The View” will continue on as usual, but will attempt to add some spice and variety when appropriate.  Today’s spice and variety?  Black and white photos.  How’s that for something new and exciting here at the “View?”


TOKYO BLACK AND WHITE (by topic, click to enlarge) 東京白黒(トプック別、クリックすれば拡大します)

1. Cycling  〜 サイクリング・自転者

2. People  〜 人間

3. Nostalgia  〜 ノスタルジア

4. Signs  〜 看板

5. Wind and winter skies  〜 風と冬の空

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6 Responses to Am I boring you? Try “The View” in B&W. 〜 ブログがつまらなくなったか?白黒は?

  1. Katie says:

    I enjoy your blog, Scott, and you are an amazing photographer!

  2. scotto says:

    Thanks! So no gossip, etc, needed? I do appreciate the comment on the photos.

  3. Lynda says:

    Don’t ever stop – I live vicariously through your adventures!

  4. scotto says:

    OK, Lynda. As long as the fingers can type out a post I’ll work at it. Sometimes it gets a bit frustrating not being able to really put strong opinions out, but some things are best kept secret, eh?

  5. Michael E Barnes says:

    Boring??? Who said you were boring?? Never to me! Keep the pictures and comments coming! I save them all, you know.

  6. scotto says:

    Why thank you, Mike! Truth be told, I was reading the blog of an acquaintance, and his was fascinating, full of self-analysis, confessions, etc. It all made me feel a bit Edsel-ish. But I will plod on, so thanks for your encouraging words.

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