I have a plan 〜 プランがありますよ

I am often asked a certain question at this time of year.  It goes “how are you spending all of your free time?”  My neighbors ask me “are you off today, too?”  Even former students ask what I do with myself everyday.  The question assumes that university-related people have absolutely nothing to do between the end of one semester and the beginning of the next.  Rather than lecture you on the reality of life in academia, let me just state that I do go in to work at this time of year.  When necessary.  It should also be admitted that my passion for work does decline at this time of year.  Without choir rehearsals, class prep, meetings, etc, it is easier to get out for a day of cycling or whatever.  I’ve been splitting it up between working a few days and then playing hard for a day or two.  AND planning some “big fun.”

My first “big fun” will be a weekend at a hot spring resort.  One night will be spent with colleagues, and the next with “the wife.”  That in itself is fun, of course.  But I started looking at a map and wondering why anyone in their right mind would take a train or drive when it’s only 100 and a few kilometers to the hotel?  I decided to save money, see a castle on the way, and use up all of my calories for the week in a single day.  Here is the route:



As you can see, it is 108 km, and ends up with some very hilly riding.  Wish me luck – I leave Saturday at 5 am.  Report will follow.

My next “big fun” is even bigger.  I’ll report on that later, but here’s a hint – it involves cycling four days to choir camp in advance of the choir’s arrival.  What fun!

Now, before you label me a looney, let me show you some of the things I’ve discovered from the saddle lately.  Without my rides, much that I find interesting in life would have passed me right by.  As the president of the USA likes to twit on twitter, wouldn’t that have been “sad?”


Yokohama river dream houses

Temple plum tree

Under-bridge graffiti

under-bridge graffiti

How are you spending your spring?  I hope this encourages you to either dust off your bike, or even to don your walking shoes and see your surroundings through different eyes.

Finally, a report on the jaunt to Atami will follow in a few days.  Assuming I make it.

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