Day 3, or Wind & Wetsuits 〜 風とサーフィング

Day three of my “Big Fun” is already over. One day to go to the goal, and a weeklong pause in order to run the annual spring choir camp.

While pedaling along today I started to figure out how long it has been since I last rode this many days in a row. It seems it has been 45 years! If I wait another 45 years to do this I’ll be… well – one doesn’t like to think about such things. The last time I did as much consecutive riding was when I was a junior high school student, and my Boy Scout group rode around the Olympic Penninsula in Washington State, a trip of some 500 miles, or 800 km. I am encouraged by the sucess of this trip to do more of these extended rides.


Today I rode only 65 km, from Shirako to Kamogawa where I am staying tonight. The Wind Gods did indeed smile on me, and I blew through the first half of the ride with a brisk tailwind. That part of the area wasn’t particularly picturesque, but I did see a dream boat, and a lovely temple, thanks to a slight detour.

The atmosphere of the peninsula changed considerbly as I rode along. South from Shirako, surfing is the thing, with shops catering to the sport everywhere, and the beaches teeming with people in wetsuits. Another detour to the coast from the town of Onjuku brought me to a surfer’s paradise. Big waves, clear skies, warm temperatures. I’d like to share a video of the amazIng techniques I saw, but blogging on a cell phone has its limitations. It was impressive, though.

Two things caught my eye as I rode through the Katsuura area: tunnels and dolls. Let’s begin with the dolls. Today was the “Big Hinamatsuri” (or Great Doll Festival) in the town, so everywhere I looked there were fabulous displays of dolls. The best was a shirne in Katsuura, which had dolls perched on bamboo poles, in the shrine itself, and in a display in the shrine office.

To my sister Lynda – you’d have loved it!

Tunnels. Well – some were fun. Many of the car tunnels have narrow side tunnels for bikes, and these were a gas to bomb through. Narrow and dark, and absolutely deserted. The other side of the coin were those without side tunnels, when I had to ride my legs off in competition with the cars. Not too much fun, though the drivers were considerate enough.

After three days of fabulous weather, they say it is going to rain all day tomorrow. I am not concerned! In fact, I welcome it! After carrying around my raingear for 230 km so far, it’s time to give it a try. AND, the iPhone 7 Plus is waterproof, so tomorrow I’ll share some soggy shots with you.

To conclude today’s post, here are a couple more of those mysterious Christian signs I found. They appear in the oddest places – on fences, on the walls of abandoned buidings, and on some homes. All in villages with nary a church. Fascinating. (the first one says “Believe in the true god – Jesus Christ”. The second one is jollier – “If you die with your sins you’ll go to hell for ever”)

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2 Responses to Day 3, or Wind & Wetsuits 〜 風とサーフィング

  1. Markus Aurelius says:

    Waiting to hear if those waterproof gloves you bought in Shinjuku really work. With all the good weather so far you haven’t had a chance to test them.

  2. scotto says:

    They were great for 6 hours, then gave up for the last 2. I guess there’s a limit to the amount of water they can repel. Under more normal conditions I probably would have been fine.

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