Arrival of the choir 〜 聖歌隊が到着しました

I’m afraid my days as a cycling tourist are done for the time being. Yesterday 40-some enthusiastic singers arrived in Iwai for a week of intensive rehearsals. Since my job isn’t really cycling, but rather, leading this choir, I’m back on duty. There will be photos of the choir later, but today a couple of shots of the coast at Iwai are all I have time to share.

We are staying at a new (to us) place called Sajimu Minshuku. My building is over 100 years old, and beautiful. The rehearsal spaces are also spacious and comfortable. I think it will be a good week.

Since there are two choirs now, our university organist, Sakiyama Yuko, came along to help with running the rehearsals.

The two photos below are taken from a point about 5 minutes walk from our location. The third is in the hallway outside my room.

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