A photo walk 〜 撮影会

This being the graduation season in Japan, there is much to report.  However, we will leave all that for a day later this week.


There is also much in the world that one wishes to comment on.  My country, the USA, is apparently striving for a gold medal.  The medal titled “World’s Most Selfish Country.”  America First!  Rich People First!  “Down with sentimental thoughts such as love for your neighbor and pity for those less fortunate!”  Well!  The editorial staff here at “The View” are quite displeased about these disturbing treads.  One can only hope that the good and caring folks – who are in the majority – will eventually prevail.  So, let’s set that topic aside, too.


Today’s subject is one that will ruffle no feathers, and cause no one to argue with their neighbor.  Flowers.  Who doesn’t love a flower?  I bet even Donald Trump and his minions enjoy flowers.  (Or maybe not…)  On Saturday, the 18th of March, eleven members of the Rikkyo Chapel Choir who enjoy photography met at Tokyo’s Hama Rikyu Teien Garden to take on the fields of yellow blossoms.


After trying to do something photographically original with the millions of yellow flowers, I switched over the photographing members of our group.  People’s faces turned out to be far more interesting flowers.


1. Camera duel among the flowers 花畑での写真バトル

2. This year there has been an explosion of DSLR, mirrorless cameras, and advanced compact camera ownership in the choir.  It may be time to start a choir photo club.


3. After a focusing on group photos, I started to zero in on faces.  What a fascinating object to photograph is a face.  グループ写真を撮った後、次にポートレートを撮ってみました。人間の顔は本当に興味深いですね。

4. The sky was bright overcast, so these portraits seemed to work best in black and white. 空は薄く曇っていたので、眩しい光を利用し、白黒もトライしました。

5. The second part of the day was spent at Odaiba, photographing the Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Bay after dark.  My photos of the bridge turned out pretty cliche, so rather than post those, I’ll share a few shots I did like.


–the setting sun on an overcast day

–early evening at Odaiba

6.  Finally, here are the members who participated to the end of the day.  It was cold and windy on the bay after dark, but we persisted until 7 pm.  Souls and bodies were refreshed at TGIF.  Now THAT’S a hamburger worthy to be eaten!


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