A nervous time 〜 緊張しています

Quite frankly, this is not my favorite time of year.  I don’t at all mind sitting through seven university entrance ceremonies, or directing the chapel choir at sixteen (!) separate chapel welcome ceremonies in three days.  What I dislike is the tension of wondering if this year the choir will catch 83 altos and 1 tenor, or 64 basses and no sopranos.  The Rikkyo choir is all volunteer, so I have no scholarships or other carrots to dangle in front of potential members.  The students are hard at work talking to potential members, so wish us luck!  I will continue to chew on my fingernails until I know we have enough new singers to keep up the busy schedule of the choir.  Here is a PR video the students made for the recruitment season.  Have a look (listen) if interested.


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