Goodbye, Chigasaki – さよなら、茅ヶ崎

Statue in Chigasaki Catholic Church

(日本語を追加しました)Goodbye, Chigasaki.  I enjoyed getting to know you for one short week.  Shall I list the charms of Chigasaki?

  1. Delicious Brioche breakfasts at the station before beginning my practice sessions.
  2. Cool ocean breezes wafting through town.
  3. Friendly people and an elegant pipe organ at Keisen Church.
  4. An art museum with an exhibit of historical bicycles.  As well as decadent chocolate cake in the cafe.
  5. Funky atmosphere – half Hawaii, half Japanese town
  6. Brilliant craft beer restaurant – Beer Cafe Hopman
  7. Proximity of the ocean and seemingly endless stretches of clean beaches


  1. 駅構内の美味しいパン屋でモーニングを食べること
  2. 電車を降りたときの涼しい海風
  3. 恵泉教会のフレンドリーな方々とエレガントなパイプオルガン
  4. 茅ヶ崎美術館:歴史的自転車の展示とカフェの美味しいチョコレートケーキ
  5. 街の雰囲気:半分ハワイアン、半分日本の街
  6. 一流のクラフトビールレストラン(ビールカフェ ホプマン)
  7. 海と美しい砂浜

The day of the recital (May 20) was hot and clear.  The small church was filled to overflowing, with some 150 in attendance.  I played for 70 minutes, heard nary a cough, whisper, or phone ringing during the performance.  What an excellent ,enthusiastic audience!  I hope they enjoyed the music as much as I enjoyed playing for them.  Here is a photo of the church’s pastor and his wife, the Kashiwas, with organists from the church.  As well as yours truly and “the wife.”  Thank you, everyone!


Most days I had to take the train to practice, due to time restraints.  But on my day off I managed to sneak a ride out from home, some 70 km.  Thinking it would take much longer than it did, I left at 4:30 am for a noon practice session.  I was shocked to arrive at the ocean by 9:00 am, and found myself putting around the area killing time.


Beach viewpoint near Tsujido City

Funky Tsujido City restaurant

Life is… (near Tsujido Station)

Proof of arrival

Other things of interest in Chigasaki 茅ヶ崎のその他:

1. A surprise visit by Dola and his friend, who both ride the same model of Brompton as I do.  I suspect Pastor Kashiwa will be getting one soon. 突然に現れた友人(川内さん)と彼の友達。偶然でしょうが、私たち3人はブロンプトン(折り畳み自転車)の同じモデルに乗っていました。おそらく、柏先生もこれから購入されるでしょう。

2. Interesting barber shops ユニークな床屋さん

3. Bikes and cake at the Chigasaki Art Museum 茅ヶ崎美術館

4. Excellent health food lunch at the Angel Cafe, overlooking Chigasaki’s Catholic Church 茅ヶ崎カトリック教会に面しているエンジェル・カフェの美味しくてヘルシーなランチ

5.  And, finally, my post-recital reward: craft beer at Hopman そして、本番後の素敵なビールカフェ ホプマン(私のご褒美でした)

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