Empty Tokyo 〜 誰もいない東京

I went for a walk at 5 am this morning.  It was a typically dreary day in the rainy season.  Strangely enough, not a single one of the 13.5 million people living in the 23 wards of the city were to be seen.  All asleep?  Abducted by aliens?  Did everyone decide to take a vacation this morning?  Proof of the empty city is to be found in the photos below.


Empty street near home

Empty restaurant

Empty Ekoda Ginza

Empty train tracks

Empty alley 1

Empty alley 2

Empty Ekoda entertainment district

Empty university

Empty park

Empty shrine

Oddly enough, when I went back out at 9:30 am, all 13.5 million people had returned to the streets.  It was an odd day in Tokyo, that is for certain.


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