Poor blog! かわいそうなブログ!

Oh, poor blog, you have been badly neglected of late.  The ease of posting on Instagram, Facebook and Flickr has led the editor of “The View” down the garden path to the land of time frittered and blog neglected.

In all seriousness, a blog can be a difficult thing to keep going.  I have been posting off and on here for over ten years now.  At times I had a message I seriously wanted to get out, while at other times I simply wanted to share something beautiful, humorous, or interesting I saw through my camera.  Some days I turned evangelist for cycling.  But there is a problem with a long-running blog.  What one can honestly write about is quite limited.  I should rephrase that – what I can write about is quite restricted, for reasons of social position, employment status, etc.

I could change the purpose of “The View,” I suppose.  A political blog?  There is certainly enough going on in the world about which I have an opinion.  But that’s just it – who wants to read another opinion?  Everyone and their dog spouts off on Facebook in an ever-narrowing echo chamber of similar opinion.  I suppose “The View” will continue as is; an unpredictable mix of posts on music, cycling, Japan, photography, etc.  Perhaps I’ll even give a subtle hint of a real opinion on political matters now and then.

Regular readers are probably wondering “what got into him today?”  Maybe its the weather?  After sweltering for weeks we are finally enjoying a dark, somewhat cool, rainy day in Tokyo.  That change in the view from my window seems to have changed “The View,” even if for only a short time.


End of the semester!  Educators love this season, when students  (my apologies, all) struggle with tests and reports, and we slide slowly toward the summer vacation.  Before truly escaping campus, though, all the music for the Rikkyo Chapel Choir’s fall season had to be chosen.  Interested?  Here is some of the rep you will hear if you come to a concert or service in the campus chapel (see the list below).  Here are a couple of things rep list that you might find interesting. (unfortunately, we won’t have the composer Gjeilo improvising with us, but we do have his own written-out piano part for “Ubi caritas,” which is quite lovely.

Mixed Choir

  • Tallis: O nata lux
  • Mudd: Let thy merciful ears
  • Attwood: Teach me o lord
  • Elgar: They are at rest
  • Stanford: Magnificat & Nunc dimittis in G
  • Gjeilo: Ubi caritas
  • Dove: Seek him that maketh the seven stars
  • Anglea: Jubilate Deo
  • Morgan: Ai ga subete

Women’s Choir

  • Sumsion: There is a green hill
  • McDowall: Missa Mariae: Sanctus, Benedictus, Agnus dei
  • Casals: Nigra sum
  • Howells: Magnificat & Nunc dimittis in D


1. A report on the Rikkyo Chapel Choir’s first-ever CD release.  It’s available now, and I’ll give information on how to get a copy, and perhaps put a track on the blog for listening.

2. Cycling reports!  Many to share!  Get your chain greased up and brakes tightened!

3. Photography.  As always, very few days go by without me taking pictures of something or another and sharing them on SNS.  Sorry blog!  Many photos coming.

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2 Responses to Poor blog! かわいそうなブログ!

  1. Michael Barnes says:

    It’s always good to hear from you, Scott! On whatever topic . . . I just got back from a week at the Oregon coast with Rodney Eichenberger, former UW choir director, who leads a choral reading session and conductors masterclass. (I finally got the gig back from another pianist who finally retired–who got it away from me in the 1990’s.) Rod was the choir director, as well, at University Methodist Temple, and Seattle Chorale. He had lots of funny stories about both–but I told about Mari and the squeaking chair during one of W.A.E’s organ slide shows. He held his head and laughed uproariously–he too had seen some of the interminable organ slide shows! I’ll be doing this again next year–want to come? We had 75 participants from 7 countries.

  2. scotto says:

    Hello, Mike.
    Sorry I haven’t been checking the comments lately. Rodney Eichenberger – what a blast from the past. I sang with Joan Conlon, but knew of his work, of course. And I think my reticence about showing travel photos dates to those days! I hate to bore people as I was bored, so to speak. I doubt I’ll be able to attend one of the courses, but would enjoy looking at any information you might have.

    And speaking of info, thanks so much for your recent letter and the articles! It is amazing, but I have seen the hawk person in the article. I was taking photos in a city park, and there was a demonstration of the traditional techniques. The person in the photos was certainly there. The odd thing was that the hawk refused to return to its master that day and we gave up waiting. I still don’t know if it burst its chains and soared in the the ether, or returned for a nice dinner of warm grubs that day.

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