Another photo walk – 写真散歩、その2

Nezu Shito Shrine 根津神社


“The View” actually has some news to report.  For example, I recently played the last recital in a forty-year career of solo organ performances.  Or the news that the Rikkyo University Chapel Choir and I depart for another tour to England in a week.  But today I am not in the mood to write about those topics.  Instead, I’ll share a few photos from a recent photo walk with several Rikkyo choir members and a recent graduate.

We walked from 12:30 pm until around 7:30, if memory serves.  There were stops for coffee, etc, of course.  But it was a very long walk; from Nezu Jinja through Ueno Park, and on down to the Tokyo Skytree, where we finally warmed up with food and beer.  It is always fun to see the same places taken by different people using different cameras.  At the end of the post I’ll share a few photos of things.  But first, people.  I am finding people a more and more appealing subject of photography.  I’m awfully shy of photographing strangers on the street, so was glad to have four cooperative subjects.  Here are the people shots (black and white first, click to enlarge any photo).

And the color shots:

The Yanasen area of Tokyo is a fascinating place to wander with a camera.  Nezu Jinja provides plenty of photo ops, as do the neighborhoods between the shrine and Ueno Park.  Then at night, Senjo-ji Temple, Sumida River and Tokyo SkyTree are all colorful places for shooting.

Nezu Shrine 根津神社

Nezu Shrine 根津神社

Nezu Shrine 根津神社

Nezu Shrine 根津神社

Sensoji-temple, Asakusa 浅草寺

Sensoji-temple, Asakusa 浅草寺

Tokyo Skytree and yakabune boat reflected in the Sumida River スカイツリー、屋形舟、隅田川


After hours of walking we reached the goal! やっとゴールに到着した

Finally, while taking photos at Nezu Shrine another day I was approached by TV Tokyo.  They were doing a series on foreigners in Japan, and what they find of interest.  So here is my very brief TV appearance.

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