Musical this and that ~ 音楽活動の報告

Just so the person in the street doesn’t think that all I do is wander around Tokyo taking photos I will list up a few things I’ve been up to, musically. 毎日東京中をうろうろしているように思われない最近の音楽的活動についてに報告します。

Toyo Eiwa organ
1. I played a recital last November at Toyo Eiwa Women’s University near Yokohama. A fine Noack organ graces the chapel on campus. My program consisted of all English music – both organ and harpsichord works. The chapel was full for the concert – apparently they have a faithful following for the annual series. The program I played is posted on the recital program page (click on the tab above).


2. Rikkyo University 46th Annual Handel Messiah performance – I was the conductor for the second year last December 13th. For the performance Mozart’s orchestration was used for the first time, replacing the long-used but problematic Prout edition. Much progress over the previous year was made by the chorus. As I am conducting again next year, I look forward to further progress on the ensemble.


3. Workshop conducted by Steven Morgan at St. Alban’s Anglican Church, Tokyo – I was the translator for this event held last Saturday. Steve’s main point was the importance of organists treating the organ as a wind instrument, rather than a keyboard instrument. This was related to feeling breath in accompanying hymns, Anglican chants and anthems. The organ at St. Alban’s was built by Jaeckel, and is particularly suited to choral music. The workshop was put on by the Rikkyo Institute of Church Music (I am the sub-director of the institute; the homepage in Japanese is here: RICM).



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