Dream Homes 2008 ~ ドリームハウス2008年版

It seems that some meetings are the cause of high stress levels. I, for one, can attest to this fact. It is also apparently true that elevated levels of stress provoke a craving for sweets in the body. So if meetings can be proven medically to make one fat, then they could be avoided for medical reasons. Perhaps you can try this excuse the next time you have an unpleasant meeting on the schedule. I am not brave enough to try this technique, so I just keep walking. It not only helps one lose weight, but reduces stress and allows one to see all sorts of interesting things. Thanks to recent meetings-stress-walking cycles, the following dream homes are here for you to enjoy. The first was found yesterday and appears to be a completely homemade cave-like entrance to a person’s home. It is an area of perfectly ordinary buildings and really stands out. One might not want to be anywhere near it in an earthquake. The second home is normally covered with ivy, but in the winter shows in all its decrepit glory. Homes like this can be seen here and there, apparently abandoned by their owners.


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