Safely played – 無事に終わりました


iPhone photo day 103 - Scott plays at Tokyo Cathedral

My performance at Tokyo Cathedral’s monthly organ meditation is finished, and went well, I thought. Thanks for coming, all. The cathedral was pretty well full. Dinner afterwards with friends rounded out a fine day.

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4 Responses to Safely played – 無事に終わりました

  1. audrey shaw says:

    Soooo glad the evening went well for you. Hope you can have a well deserved rest now?

  2. scotto says:

    Hi Audrey! No rest for the wicked – we’re off to another wedding today, and I have to give a speech. Time to get nervous. But Monday is totally off. I’ll try an call.

  3. lynda says:

    Where is the live recording . . .

  4. scotto says:

    I like it when music disappears into the stratosphere (mistakes and all).

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