In Japan we can… – 日本でしか出来ない事

You may be able to do these things elsewhere, but I doubt it. Here in Japan, we can:

1. get our hair done at “Oops” (for those who dare)

"Oops" hair salon (oops=失敗)

2. drink salty bubbles with our horse jerky (made with 100% Japanese horses, claims the package)

Salty Bubbles drink

Delicious Horse Jerky, made with 100% Japanese horse meat

3. order from a menu that includes these tasty items: a. Fresh keen’s gaper, b. Chicken grunt, and c. Silver travally. Can you guess what sort of restaurant this was? (right, a sushi bar)

4. live in an apartment named “Forest Blight” (and dream of those blighted forests of Northern Europe)

Forest Blight (直訳=枯れた森)

5. finally, when all the above gets to be too much for the expat in Japan, we can always run to Dr. Brookstone’s Brain Office for a round of therapy. Only in Japan.

And lastly, today’s iPhone photo. A small flower blooms amid fallen cherry blossoms. As seen outside my building on campus yesterday.

iPhone photo day 177

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2 Responses to In Japan we can… – 日本でしか出来ない事

  1. Angelika says:

    Love the novel ideas that Japan puts forth (or sparks in the fun-loving gaijin) – intentionally and often unintentionally. Thanks for the first smile of the day 🙂

  2. scotto says:

    Yes, it gives one a reason to keep the old eyes open, doesn’t it?

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