Positively heart warming ~ 心を温めましょう


Here is a photo of some biscuits a colleague shared with me today. Tasty yes, but not only that. They are actually heart warming. Feeling down? Have a Genji Pie and stimulate your emotions.

In more serious news, I bought a new camera. It is a Canon Powershot S100. My cycling camera was the S90, but it was getting tired, so I felt the call of the upgrade siren. Glad I did. The S100, like it’s predecessors, allows for manual control of the camera. It’d like having a very tiny DSLR along with you. It has limitations, of course, but is a very capable camera if you know what you’re doing.
The photo below was taken with it this morning in my garden.
真面目なニュースもあります。新しいカメラを購入しました。キャノンのPowershot S100で、ミニ一眼レフの感覚で使うことができます。今までのサイクリング用カメラとしてS90を使っていましたが、そのカメラが疲れたため、アップグレードしました。効果があるかどうかを判断してください。下の写真は今朝自宅の庭で撮った映像です。


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2 Responses to Positively heart warming ~ 心を温めましょう

  1. Lynda says:

    Beautiful . . . what is the name of this flower?

  2. scotto says:

    Hi, Lynda. Wish I knew. All the flowers I know the names of are roses and azaleas. Give or take.

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