Choir camp, day 1. Or, my lonely (?)days are over – 聖歌隊合宿の一日目

Until 2:00 pm this afternoon I was the king of all I surveyed (at Minami-so B&B, anyway). I had a slow 3 hour morning walk though the village, re-checking the places I have grown to know over the past ten years of visits. This house is more run down, that shop was rebuilt, that part of the beach has washed away, etc. Photos of my walk can be seen below. As you can see, the weather was fabulous – spring has come! (Just where was it when I needed it on Sunday?)

This afternoon the Rikkyo chapel choir arrived, and I now have 33 close associates with whom I share meals, rehearsals, meetings, etc. Unlike the years we go to England on tour, this week in Iwai is a time to brush up on basic singing skills, as well as to work on the music for this semester. It is also a time to eat enormous amounts of locally-grown and produced Japanese food. My dinner consisted of all these dishes:

Yes Gloria, those were all mine.
At choir camp one discovers interesting things about students. Such as the fact that Mr. T loves shrimp tails. Here he is, consuming a plate full of them. Are you ok, T? 最後に、合宿中、学生たちの好き嫌い、などについての情報が豊富にゲット出来ます。例えば、Mr. Tと海老の関係。以下の通り、他のメンバーが残す尻尾を食べてくれます。大丈夫ですか、Tさん?


We continue with the hilarity tomorrow. 6 hours of rehearsals, three full meals and one meeting should keep everyone busy, I imagine.

Photos from the village of Iwai:






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