Back home – 帰宅(退院)しました

There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home…
I’m out of the hospital after a three-day stay for an operation to remove the metal bits inserted after last year’s bike crash. Though I’ve got no complaint about the fine people at Tokyo Sogo Hospital (rather the opposite – everyone from the doctors to the nurses were superb), I have to admit I don’t like hospital stays. The best part was falling asleep under anesthesia. You can keep the rest. 我が家が一番、我が家が一番。。。

Here are the pieces of metal that were removed from my collar bone:

And these are the wires that held my elbow in place for the last 11 months:

Naturally, one deserves a reward after a three-day imprisonment. Here it is, a steak dinner at home cooked by my “the wife.” Note the lack of wine – none allowed till the medications are gone. Horrors!


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2 Responses to Back home – 帰宅(退院)しました

  1. Lynda says:

    Wishing you fast healing and never another reason to return to the hospital. Looks like you eating well. Glad everything went well and you have mementos of your surgery 🙂 Now just to get an early warning system on your bike for those pesky pedestrians.

  2. scotto says:

    Good idea, Lynda. I’ve been really careful around the peds since last year.

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