I must be a rain maker – 雨男?

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Today was my second and last day of “spring vacation.”  I spent it with my “the wife” visiting Koganei Park in western Tokyo.  The weather reminded me of my recent wet bike ride – cold and rainy.  Did I mention that it was also dark and dreary?  Well, a former Seattle resident doesn’t change his plans simply because it rains, so off we went to the open-air Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum in Koganei Park.   This collection of buildings brought to the site from various parts of Tokyo is beautifully maintained, and well worth the trip.  I enjoyed the early 20th century buildings the most, although the 19th century farm houses were also very interesting.  A few things that caught my eye:

1. A large three-storey house built for a Westerner.  It’s ground floor now serves as an elegant dining room. 欧米人のために建てられた大きな家で、1階はエレガントなレストランになっています。

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2. A former public bath house, with beautiful wall paintings and colorful tiles. 昭和時代の銭湯。壁画とタイルは特に美しかったです。

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3. Bikes – old Japanese-made models produced for work use. 日本製自転車。仕事用に設計されているため、大変丈夫そうです。

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4. Farm houses, some of which dated to the 18th century. 農家。この建物は江戸後期から残されていると言われています。

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Finally, recalling my mother’s advice of some 40 years past to “quit taking so many pictures of buildings and shoot some of people,” here are the “the husband” and “the wife” who enjoyed a day out, despite the weather.

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