Congratulations, first day of classes – 授業開始日(おめでとう?)

Classes for this academic year at Rikkyo University begin today. We now stand at the top of a very long slide that shoots straight down to summer vacation. Blink your eyes and it will be August. Good luck to students and those who teach. 立教大学では、今年度の授業が今日から始まります。夏休みまで頑張りましょう、皆さん。

As it has been busy, I haven’t had lots of time for outside activities. I do manage to leave the house early and do a bit of photography on the way to campus, as well as on the way home in the evening. My Fujifilm EX-1 camera armed with one of two bright prime lenses (35mm or 18 mm) is really fun to use in dark places (see the camellia photo below). 卒業・入学関係行事が多かったため、最近、ゆっくり休むチャンスがありませんでした。しかし、通勤を自転車から散歩に切り替えて、写真タイムはちょっと確保しました。単焦点レンズをカメラにセットしてから出かけると、たくさんのフォトチャンスがあります。FUJIFILMのEX-1を使っていますので、夜の暗い場面でも綺麗に撮ることが出来ます(下の花の写真を見て下さい)。

Choir matters: the Rikkyo chapel choir recruiting drive went well, and we now have 45 prospective new members. What to do if they all decide to join??? 大学聖歌隊関係ニュース:仮入隊人数は45名です。お疲れ様、スタッフと現役メンバーの皆さん!全員が正式に入隊する場合は?嬉しい課題です。

Which do you prefer, Bishop with flowers, or flowers with Bishop?



A camellia blooming at night near Senkawa station.


Finally, for you cyclists, a dream bike found on yesterday’s morning walk.


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