Rain and Bach – 雨のバッハ

It seems the Editor and Staff of The View apologized to Seattle for it comments on the weather a bit too soon. Tuesday dawned gray, and got progressively darker as the day went on. Clouds, drizzle, and hard rain later on. A typical Seattle winter day. Since there were no colors in the scenery I shot in black and white today. Here is what can be seen from Queen Ann Hill on a drizzly day.

Weather aside, though, I had a very enjoyable evening sitting in on the Seattle Bach Choir’s weekly rehearsal. The director is Dr. Ann Lyman. The choir is preparing J. S. Bach’s St John Passion for a concert in March. I was able to observe Dr Lyman checking individual voices, as well as rehearsing the group on two movements of the Passion. The concert should be excellent, so if you are in Seattle in March buy a ticket and go! Here is a link to the choir. (Thanks, P.O., for the personal taxi service!)


Seattleites love stickers



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