A 95% Superior Week

It was a mostly excellent week in the hinterlands of Tacoma, Washington. We did have the pineapple express (a flow of warm, wet air from Hawaii that drenched us in nearly non-stop rains for over a week), to contend with, but life went on, albeit in soggy fashion. I spent several hours each day practicing both the organ and the Tacoma Rain Walk, nearly perfecting each over the course of the week. The organ practice led up to last Sunday, when I played the early service at Chapel Hill Presbyterian Church. I accompanied the choir’s anthem, as well as playing the prelude, hymns, and postlude. It was an interesting and rewarding experience that made the soggy hour-long walks worth the trouble. My allotted practice time on Sunday was from 7 am – good heavens! The choir rehearsed from 8 am – good heavens! The service started at 9 am and ended at 10 – good heavens! My annual share of early morning work was accomplished all in one day.

The afternoon was equally memorable. Not only did the rains finally cease (for a few hours) but we were able to enjoy a performance of Glibert & Sullivan’s HMS Pinafore by the Tacoma Opera at the historic downtown Rialto Theater. The champagne of comic operetta! Laugh followed laugh, releasing the tension of the morning. I stole a few minutes before the performance began in order to run through the Broadway area of the city and photograph a few of the interesting buildings there. Photos below.


And what about the 5% disagreeable portion of the week? It came at the end of the day on Sunday, when I attempted to force open a stuck garage door. The cord I was pulling on suddenly gave way and I found myself slamming into the concrete directly on my tailbone. Ooooooh! Ahhhh! Pzmmm! (In order to preserve the high tone of this blog, there will be no photos of said tailbone, unfortunately.)



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  1. Lynda says:

    ouch – I know your tail bone pain . . . we will have good weather in Portland!

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