(3) Articles, Compositions, etc. 論文、作品、等

Articles ~ 論文 

(scroll down for compositions 〜 作品はページの下にあります)

New May, 2016

Rutter’s Sacred Choral Music

(Published in the Japanese journal 礼拝と音楽 [Worship and Music], 2014 Autumn)

Article for Rikkyo Institute of Church Music Newsletter: To touch the “real”


Brief History of Hymn Descants

(see “compositions” below for ten examples 以下の作品コーナーに載せてある10曲の例を参照してください)

On the history and use of descants in congregational hymn singing (英語)

聖歌斉唱におけるデスカントの歴史と用法 (Japanese)

Choral Music in Nineteenth-Century England

The revival of the choral service in the Church of England, 1839-1868

Handel Messiah

1a.Which Handel Messiah for Rikkyo?  A comparison of three editions and a proposal for performance (English)

Example 1 Example 2 Example 3 Example 4

1b. 「どのヘンデルのメサイアが立教大学にふさわしいか?三版の比較と演奏提案」

例1 例2 例3 例4

Elgar Sonata in G

Edward Elgar’s Sonata in G Major: A background of its composition, an analysis of its compositional style, and a consideration of its relation to the organs at Worcester Cathedral. (Published in Kirisuto Kyo gaku, 2003) エドワード・エルガー作曲ソナタ ト長調:作品の背景・作曲形式分析、ウスター大聖堂のオルガンとの関係の考察 (立教大学キリスト教学科紀要、2003年, 英語のみ)

Early Methodist Hymnology

Music of the Early Methodist Church (English)

初期メソジスト教会の礼拝音楽 (Japanese)

History of English Organs

A brief history of the English organ, part 1 (English)

Examples: St. Swithun’s Church, Worcester: Photo 1 Photo 2

A brief history of the English organ, part 2 (English)

英国のオルガン歴史、パート1 (Japanese)

例:イギリスウースター市内のSt. Swithun’s教会オルガン: フォト1 フォト2

英国のオルガン歴史、パート2 (Japanese)

Compositions ~ 曲

Ten Hymn Descants.  Originally published in the RCM MUSICA SACRA 2010 (Journal of the Rikkyo University Institute of Sacred Music; see above for the accompanying article)

1. Crusader’s Hymn (score) (midi)

2. Darwall’s 148th (score) (midi)

3. Dix (score) (midi)

4. Easter Hymn Old (score) (midi)

5. Gospal (score) (midi)

6. Il est ne (page 1 score) (page 2 score) (midi)

7. Maggie (score) (midi)

8. Manoah (score) (midi)

9. Nagunae oe Yangsik (score) (midi)

10. Terra Beata (score) (midi)


1. I want Jesus to walk with me (arrangement of USA Spiritual for SSATTBB choir). 編曲した合唱のための米国霊歌。PDF score MIDI file

2. Senkawa Mass (a congregational mass setting for use in the Anglican Church in Japan).  MIDI files coming soon. Note: the version of the Lord’s Prayer found here is the one sung in the Rikkyo University All Saints Chapel.  There is a slightly different version that can be found in the hymnal of the Nippon Sei Ko Kai (See the hymnal, No. S37-1).


A. Kyrie 2007 ~ キリエ

 Kyrie 2013 (coming soon)

B. Gloria ~ 大栄光の歌

C. Sanctus 2002/2007 〜 聖なるかな

    Sanctus 2013 (coming soon)

D. Memorial Acclamation ~ 記念唱

E. Lord’s Prayer ~ 主の祈り(立教で使われている版)

F. Agnus dei ~ 神の小羊

    Agnus dei 2013 (coming soon)

A brief history of Christian hymns, with an emphasis on the 2006 Hymnal of the Nippon Sei Ko Kai (Anglican Church in Japan)

10 Responses to (3) Articles, Compositions, etc. 論文、作品、等

  1. RW says:

    Where else might I find your Elgar Sonata article? The link doesn’t seem to load when I click on it.


  2. scotto says:

    Thanks for pointing out the broken link. I’ll have a look at it today. Please check back again.

  3. Scott??? Is that really you? The emeritus organist/choirmaster of St. Paul’s Seattle???? The one who disappeared into Eastman College??? If so, you may or may not wish to search your distant past in Seattle -your young college organ student who sang tenor in the choir there, baptized on Easter Sunday.

    I am with the Greek Orthodox Church (the traditionalist variety) these days, and have, for the last 16 or so years, joined the ranks of the eternally elated and frustrated church musicians specializing exclusively in Byzantine chant. I was appointed as the Protopsaltis (first cantor) of our west coast diocese in 2007.

    If this is not you and but a mere coincidence -you may disregard this. Otherwise, please feel free to respond via my e-mail

    John Peter E. Presson
    Protopsaltis of the Metropolis of Portland and the Western United States
    Choirmaster in residence -Holy Nativity of the Theotokos Cathedral, Portland, OR

  4. scotto says:

    Yes, it is the same Scott as used to be at St Paul’s Church, Seattle. Well found, too – I seem to move farther and farther from Seattle each move. Where to next? Did you also play the bagpipes? Or are my memories of Seattle all jumbled up? In any case, you have made a very interesting jump to a fascinating field. I hear from church musicians in the USA that things are pretty glum in most places. I’ve been here for 22 years, so have missed all recent trends (thankfully perhaps?), other than those I read or hear about. Write again and let me know about the bagpiper – he had a moustache, I think.

  5. T.Makino says:

    I want to read History of Englishi Organ.

  6. scotto says:

    Please do! It is fascinating.

  7. Good day: Just wanted to let you know your link to the article about Descants is broken. Blessings!

    Mark A. Rains
    Ordained Elder and Licensed Song Evangelist
    The Evangelical Methodist Church

  8. scotto says:

    Thanks very much for letting me know about the broken link! I’ll have a look. I’m away from home, so will do what I can from an iPad, and fix it later on the computer. Please check back in a week or so.

    UPDATE: I just checked the link and it seems to be working. Have another link. I know that there was some updating done by my server recently, so you might have tried when things were down.

  9. John Peter Presson says:

    Hello Scott -Sorry for the belated response. Yes I played the bagpipes. I first contacted St. Paul’s when they contacted me to play for a Pentecost procession. It was in the following year that I reestablished contact and joined for a season. I don’t play the highland pipes now, but I do play the Irish uilleann pipes (a VERY sophisticated type of parlour pipes -Google Paddy Keenan if you want to hear a Paganini of the Irish pipes).

    Things ARE rather glum amongst Church musicians, particularly in the area of being paid. Beyond that, I too, have been rather far out of the mainstream of church music, but the trends in the quality of music programs, from what I hear from time to time, is depressing, with repertoires shifting to low quality “praise songs”, to hum/strum/bubble gum music, rock bands, etc. The irony is that when I refer to bad church music and my protestant/RC colleagues refer to bad music, I have to remind myself that we are often talking about two different animals (the trends away from tasteful Byzantine Chant to more italianate choral music or grossly simplified music vs the wholesale abandonment of classical repertoire and hymnody in favour of contemporary music). Quite frankly, beyond that, my most common kvetch is dealing with the passive/aggressive management style of many clergy and bishops, and their general lack of education in most matters musical, from the practical to the aesthetical. Anyhooo…..

    It would be good to hear from you. My email is protopsalti@me.com. That seems the more direct route.

    Hope all is well. How is Lady Mariko?

    John Peter Presson, etc.

  10. John Peter Presson says:

    PS -Yes I had a mustache. Still do


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