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June 1, 2014

I received my new Brompton S6L late last month, and have been enjoying it tremendously since.  It joins two other folding bikes I own – a Bike Friday Pocket Crusoe and a Dahon Curve D7.  Why so many folders?  Well… because I like bikes?  Actually, I’m going to sell the Dahon, since the Brompton replaces it as my daily commuting bike.  The other folder, my Bike Friday, is really a road/touring bike, so the two are completely different animals, and serve different purposes.  And my Giant road bike?  Well, that is yet another story.  I’m planning to write more on the bikes soon, so I’ll close today with a couple of photos.

先月末、ブロンプトンS6Lが届きました。その後、毎日楽しく使っています。実は、折りたたみ自転車は他に2台持っています(米国製のBike Friday “Pocket Crusoe”とダホンのカーブD7)。なぜ3台目?まあ、Bike Fridayは長距離用ツーリングの自転車で、通勤用のダホンと使い分けています。近い将来、ダホンを売りに出しますので、そのうち、折りたたみ2台+ロード1台になります。ちょうど良い数字でしょう?ブロンプトンについては後日書きますので、数枚の写真で終わります。

untitled (94 of 135)

my new Brompton S6L the day I picked it up in Yokohama. Cobalt blue is lovely, isn’t it?

untitled (20 of 20)

Me with my new Brompton S6L. It lives in the music room at home. Next to the practice organ – pedals with pedals, you know.

Brompton S6L and Bike Friday Pocket Crusoe at home

Brompton S6L and Bike Friday Pocket Crusoe at home

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