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Endless wind, a free afternoon – 止まらない風、自由時間@合宿

As you can see, the wind still howls here at Iwai, Chiba Prefecture. The roof continues to rattle, the sand continues to fly, and the ocean continues to have an angry look. I’m almost used to being blown about while … Continue reading

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Choir camp buffeted by angry winds 聖歌隊の春合宿、怒りの風

Hello from beautiful Iwai, Chiba Prefecture. I am here with 39 members of the Rikkyo University All Saints Chapel Choir for our annual spring choir camp. We normally enjoy calm days to enjoy walks on the beach during our rehearsal … Continue reading

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Choir camp, day 1. Or, my lonely (?)days are over – 聖歌隊合宿の一日目

Until 2:00 pm this afternoon I was the king of all I surveyed (at Minami-so B&B, anyway). I had a slow 3 hour morning walk though the village, re-checking the places I have grown to know over the past ten … Continue reading

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